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george washington and dogs

George Washington’s Dogs- The First Presidential Pups

The first President of the United States was also the first president to have dogs. And like many people during that time, he had quite a few more than one. Even more impressive still, the AKC (American Kennel Club) has records of the dogs he had along with the bloodline. That means that if you’re willing to pay a pretty penny you could have the canine offspring of George Washington’s best furry friend!

The George Washington was more than a little creative with the names of his dogs too! Are you confident enough to name your dog Sweetlips and True Love and then shout that across the dog park? While the first president was. Minus the dog park part. I don’t’ think that was on the list of Revolutionary times priorities. Rather than dog parks most of Washington’s dog were used for hunting. But unlike many owners of hunting dogs who ignore them most of the year, Washington took pride in his canines and made it a point to regularly inspect their kennels.

The First President had more than just hunting dogs though. He also had a variety of terriers, Greyhounds and Great Pyrenees dogs. All of which probably had some of the best lives of any canines history!

Washington’s favorite dog was named Dr. Frank. As usual, the dog had a very unusual and somewhat silly name. Many of the canine names from Washington’s era, and from Washington himself, seem more like the names of race horses than dogs! Dr. Frank was a hound mix that was a result of two dogs being incorrectly gendered by his kennel servant. None of the other hounds in the litter survived except for Dr. Frank. Washington’s favorite hound was always seen at the front of the pack during his hunts.

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