Welcome to Presidential Pup!  This site is 2 parts fun animal facts, 1 part history trivia and 3 parts fun! My name is Andrew and I’m an Aurora, Colorado native that loves animals of all kinds and presidential history! I’m a history nerd and high school history teacher (no surprise there!) but I’m also an animal lover. I live in beautiful Aurora with my cat (Washington) and my two dogs (Carl and Engels). Yes, they are all named after historical figures.

While I love what I do, I almost became a veterinarian. I was pre-veterinary in college for two years before I decided that medicine wasn’t for me. I still love it and a lot of my articles take a veterinary slant (while remembering that I’m not a veterinarian!), but history is the main focus here! Even though I went with what I think is a pretty catchy name, the site covers more than just pups! Presidents were no strangers to animals and there is a lot more variety out there than just Bo the Obama dog!


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