Advertising on a blog can make a huge difference to your online presence and business interactions. Hundreds of people visit this blog daily and will see your advertisement. Online advertisements give people immediate access to your information and make it easy for them to contact you. Additionally, while this site is visited by users across the nation we do have a large (by local standards) following of users living in the Aurora/Denver metro area. As a result, Presidential Pup is a great place to promote your local business as well!

Online advertisements should be eye-catching, brief but descriptive, and easy to understand. There are different types of advertisements. If you are interested in placing an online ad, look at the options below and send an email to with the necessary details.

Advertisement spots available:

1. Banner ads – 2 banner ads available. One on the HOME page and one on the ADVERTISE page. These ads appear across the top of the web page.
Rates: $100 per month for 6 months

2. Sidebar ads – 5 sidebar ads available across different pages. These ads appear on the right or left side of the given page. They are usually in a square.
Rates: $75 per month for 4 months

3. In-between ads – 7 in-between ads available across different pages. These ads appear in-between written content or at the end of an article.
Rates: $90 per month for 4 months

Choose the option you want and send us an email including the following information:

  • Business details – niche, services, products, short history
  • Your details
  • An example of the ad you want to place
  • Your website address

Once we receive your email, we will respond with further steps. Your ad will be up and running in 7 days.

Please note! In order to comply with Google’s link standards, all advertisements will be no follow links! You are paying for the advertising opportunity and not the link!

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