We are always looking for new ideas for presidential pup stories or for just general feedback on our website. Maybe you have an opinion on current events regarding presidential pups. Well…let us know! We happily accept blog posts and guest contributions.

Since this is site is mostly for fun (though we will be having some more serious conversations about animal care and wellness soon) don’t feel like you have to have a list of references and resources used. We are okay if it isn’t substantiated- some the best stories aren’t!

For example, there is a story about Andrew Jackson’s parrot (we know, not a pup!). This was a naughty parrot for sure! The parrot was apparently at a nearby funeral (because why not?) and let out a long string of expletives! President Jackson thought this was hilarious but still respectfully had his feathered friend removed from earshot of the service.

For more stories like this one (that don’t necessarily involve dogs) check out Presidential Pet Museum. 

In addition to presidential pets we are especially looking for veterinarian contributions regarding basic care and husbandry. You can feel free to promote your practice or online blog in exchange for your veterinary expertise. We are most interested in articles that discussing caring for canines.

If you feel like you have a unique voice that fits with the theme of our website…then please contact us using the form below: