Presidents and Their Dogs: A History in Brief

Most of the US presidents had pets, most often dogs, while they lived at the White House. Some of the pets were strange, but regardless, pets have always been a part of the White House. Today, we look at a bit of history on some of the past presidents and we throw in a fact or two about the pets they owned.

Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was the 3rd president of the United States and also the main author of the Declaration of Independence. Some of Jefferson’s words at the end of his term made many people believe that it was not always a post he enjoyed. He had two bear cubs and mockingbird as pets. No dogs. Just bears.

Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson was one of the first presidents who was surrounded by rumors and drama. He was the first president who was the subject of an attempted assassination. His term as president ran anything but smooth and he was partly responsible for sending America into the Depression. He owned a parrot, horses, and ponies.

William Henry Harrison

One of the lesser known presidents was William Henry Harrison. He spent a mere 30 days in office before he died of enteric fever. He had a goat, but also no dog.

Andrew Johnson

After President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, Andrew Johnson took his place. He became president in the time during which slavery was still a huge issue and no resolution had been reached. It was quite a tumultuous time in America and after the Radical Republicans passed laws to restrict the office of the president, Johnson missed being impeached by one vote. He also owned no pets.

Many more presidents who had dramatic and disastrous terms in office or who had dealt with an overload of problems since they stepped into the position did not own pets. It could be said that the presidents who owned dogs, or at least some pets, had better terms in office than those who did not. Coincidence? I think not!

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