The Verdict Is In: No Pets In The Trump White House

No stranger to breaking tradition, Trump has continued his tradition of…breaking tradition? Okay, let’s get to the point. Trump isn’t going to add a pet to the white house family. At least not anytime soon. CNN spoke with communications director Stephanie Grisham and was told that “There are no plans at this time” to add a furry friend to the Trump family.  This is a huge break from tradition!

While many aren’t worried about whether or not the president has a pet, it is an interesting deviation from the traditional approach since having a pet can soften the image of a president and increase the overall appeal. Really, it adds another dimension to the way the president is perceived. That’s part of the reason why so many presidents have “leveraged” their pets to appear compassionate and more “regular”.

But Trump will have none of that.

According to the memoir from his first wife, Trump doesn’t like dogs. In fact, Ivanka gave The Donald an ultimatum: It’s me and the dog or no one! Trump conceded (or rather negotiated the deal) and Chappy the poodle came with Ivanka. The relationship was not great and Ivanka reported a mutual dislike between Chappy and Trump.

There hasn’t been a petless White House since the 1920s. Well, we should probably clarify. There hasn’t been a white house without an animal sharing the space. President John Quincy Adams ended up living with an alligator as a result of a gift. Not one to turn down a gift, he accepted the alligator and placed him in the East Room for several months until they could figure just what one is supposed to do with a pet alligator.

If Trump doesn’t want a dog, cat or other traditional pet we think he may be interested in a big cat or an alligator.


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